Dltech is where you get quicker, smoother, accurate CAD conversion & construction documentation. Construction documents could be hand drawn, scan papers, images, sketches, etc. We have the platform to digitize them in CAD or 3D format.

Construction documents are a vital part of any project because they reveal the actual plan and its technical aspects to all the stakeholders that are involved. Data that is saved digitally is secure, manageable and can be easily modified.

Given the significance of construction related documents, Dltech makes sure you get the most meaningful conversion services. Our construction documentation services include 2D drafting, CAD drafting, Paper to CAD conversion, PDF to CAD, image to CAD, scan to CAD, etc.

We excel in delivering client-specific drawings that are drawn to the scale. Dltech does not believe in taking shortcuts or using direct converting methods. Our services include drafting of structural and architectural plans, elevation, sections, key plans, general notes, project standards, site layout, as-built plan, etc.

Construction documentation services include

Cad conversation & 2D/3D drafting services for
  • Architectural plan, section, elevation, layouts¬†etc..
  • Structural plan, section, elevation, layouts etc..
  • Mechanical drawings, Equipment drawing, Machine drawing etc..
  • Survey plan, Site layout, As built plan
  • Building documentations
  • Construction documentations
  • Valuation documentation for insurance purpose
  • General notes
  • Company standards
  • Abbreviations and Specifications
  • Scaffolding drawings etc..
Client’s input files
  • Image
  • Scan document
  • Photograph
  • Pdf file etc..
We produce output in
  • CAD format
  • PDF format
  • 3D dwg
  • Ifc file¬†etc..