Dltech is steadfast in providing superior quality structural steel shop, miscellaneous steel shop, rebar shop and precast shop drawings well before the deadline. Our shop drawings are clear and meticulous that allows our patrons to quicken their fabrication and erection processes. Our team comprises of competent detailers, drafters, engineers and checkers who are engaged in producing first-rate shop drawings which will surpass your expectations.

Dltech‘processes are structured to execute projects that involve thorough checking which is done periodically resulting in an accuracy of 99.95%. All project related documents are studied thoroughly and understood and client-specific and country-specific codes and standard guidelines are strictly followed while making the design. Our team maintains a continuous rapport with our customers so as to understand what exactly the client wants so we get it right the first time. This practice has helped avoid unnecessary loss of time, materials and manpower.

Shop drawings are the most crucial component for any professional. The quality of structural shop drawings is a fundamental element that determines the accuracy and speed with which a structure is built. Dltech understands the significance of this and provides only the best quality drawings. We provide complete structural steel detailing. We have been able to instill a strong sense of worthiness and conviction among our clients. Dltech has delighted customers across the world spanning over 15 countries that include the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Middle East. For any structural steel detailing, architectural CAD drafting, Dltech engineering services is the name to remember.

Quality of our shop drawings

  • Detailed and clean drawings
  • Detailed BOM & BOQ
  • Clearly visible labels and dimensions
  • Necessary section & enlarge views
  • Weld and bolts/holes detail
  • ISO view for complex assembly
  • Properly filled title block
  • Use of client’s template
  • Easy to read & understand
  • Consistency in quality
  • 95% error free

Shop drawings output

  • GA/Erection drawings/Marking plan
  • Assembly/Multi Assembly drawings
  • Single part drawings
  • Material, bolt, assembly reports
  • Dwg, dxf, nc, ifc, kiss files
  • Drawing out put in dwg&pdf format
  • 3D model in ifc and dwg format